The proper functioning of the plumbing system is vital in any home or business. Your plumbing brings fresh water in your home, heats and conditions this water for usage and removes waste. In short, it is key to maintaining the health and cleanliness of the building and its occupants. A Hohmann & Company handles every type of plumbing situation including:


    • Regular repair and maintenance of all plumbing fixtures (sinks, toilets, faucets, whirlpool tubs, showers, etc.)
    • Repair and replacement of water heaters
    • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
    • Installation and repair of water pipes and water services
    • Installation of gas barbeque grills and gas fireplaces
    • Appliance hookups (dishwashers, dryers, icemakers, etc.)
    • Installation and repair of sump pumps
    • Diagnosis and correction of water drainage problems
    • Installation and repair of well and booster pumps
    • Winterization of homes and buildings
    • Analysis of water conditions
    • Installation and repair of water softeners

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