Fuel Oil

A. Hohmann & Co. takes pride in offering competitively priced home heating oil and state-of-the-art heating equipment. Our professional and courteous drivers are dispatched through the main office (617) 282-4300 and can meet most delivery needs with 24 hours notice. Our licensed technicians are trained to provide the highest quality, prompt and reliable service.

As a member of our Automatic Delivery Program, your household fuel usage will be monitored by a computerized system and your deliveries automatically scheduled. This program eliminates the need for you to monitor oil levels in your tank. Also as a member of the Automatic Delivery Program, you will have access to budget payment plans and receive 24-hour Emergency Service (617) 282-4300.


For our commercial customers we have the ability to provide everything from complete remodels, to repair and troubleshooting services. Our clients include numerous condo complexes, apartment buildings, nursing homes and industrial production plants.

Commercial spaces, condo complexes and apartment buildings offer unique obstacles when existing work needs to be upgraded or altered. With knowledge and experience in such work place environments our technicians are well verse d in the manner and process in which things need to be done. From building shutdown procedures to altering and rerouting existing drain and water lines we have the experience and ability to get the job done.

    For the owners
    • Fixture repair or replacement
    • Garbage disposal replacement
    • Change that old 3 handle tub and shower valve for new single handle anti-scald unit
    • If removing that bathtub for the installation of that new custom shower stall is something you always wanted, give us a call we can manage the job from start to finish and leave with the bathroom you always wanted.


    For the property managers
    • Hot and cold water cross connections
    • Laundry drain suding issues
    • Managing and coordinating complete bulk removal and replacement of water heaters for a whole complex
    • Managing and coordinating complete bulk removal and replacement of water closets for new water saving units. Average per unit saving when switching old 3.5 gallon flush to new 1.28 gallon flush is 16,500 gallons annually without sacrificing performance
    • Installation of new auto shut valves on domestic water system to protect building from water damage and unwanted insurance claims

Heating & Cooling Repairs and Maintenance

A properly serviced and maintained heat and cooling system is the key to increasing longevity and efficiency of the building as a whole. Additional benefits are reduction in energy costs, emergency and after hour service issues as well as damage due to condensate overflow. For our commercial and multi-unit building customers we offer special bulk rate preventive maintenance services.
Heat pumps, 2 and 4 pipe systems, furnaces, boilers and condenser units can all be set up as preventive maintenance packages
We will set up scheduling, manage inventory of filters replacements and recommend any additional services necessary in order to keep equipment running properly and efficiently.

At A. Hohmann & Co. Inc., our service technicians have access to all of the necessary testing and recovery systems in order to diagnose, repair or replace any system in a safe and efficient manner. Seasonal tune-ups will also help insure dependable and efficient operation throughout the cooling season. Allow A. Hohmann & Co. to help you design and layout a system to best suit your existing home or new structure.